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Moved To Question Prepared To Reason Called To Act包头和伟圣机械有限公司

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Scarcely two months after Registration, every entering student is thrust into the ordeal of his first Ames argument. Suddenly he must play the role of a lawyer with an appellate case to handle. Faced with a record from a trial court, he must write a brief and compose the oral argument he will soon present. For many a first year student, even with a member of the Board of Student Advisers to coach and advise him, the experience resembles seeing a lake for the first time and, after a few hints on technique, being thrown in and told to swim.

HLS in the Community铜仁久满多贸易有限公司

Review an exploration of the school's local and global contributions of service at an event that took place in April 2018.

Featured Video: Treasures of the Harvard Law School Library | The Nuremberg Trial Documents上海富旺万商贸有限公司


HLS in the Community Speaker Highlight: Haben Girma ’13 门源高通美有限公司

Disability rights activist Haben Girma ’13 joins Michael Stein ’88, Alonzo Emery ’10, and Fengming Cui at HLS in the Community in Enabling the World Through Disabilities, a workshop that will focus on advancing the rights of people with disabilities around the world. As the first deafblind person to graduate from Harvard Law School, Haben Girma…

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Collections | Connections 哈密浩顺台机械有限公司

The Harvard Law School Library’s new exhibit celebrates HLS’s Bicentennial through the stories of some of the Library’s 2 million items and the people behind them. On view are historic photographs, striking rare books and early manuscripts, books published all over the world, fun glimpses of HLS Library history, and even an Awesome Box! Collections…

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Harvard Law School: 200 Years, Countless Stories中山茂鼎禄贸易有限公司

A full-text transcript and credits for "Harvard Law School: 200 Years, Countless Stories" are available here.

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